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Discraft UltraStar: official disc of USA Ultimate
Ultimate Juniors Program

What is the Discraft Juniors Program?
Discraft knows that school budgets can be tight. Ultimate ranks high on the affordability scale, but most schools could still use some help in keeping costs down. That's why we've joined forces with USA Ultimate to create our Juniors program.

  • What: practice (misprint) UltraStar or J*Star for only $3.00 each
  • Who: Grades K-12 in the continental US

    The program offers your school UltraStar 175 gm or J*Star 145 gm practice discs. These are perfectly manufactured discs with cosmetic flaws in the printing. Minimum order is ten, maximum order is 50 discs per calendar year. No choice of designs or colors.

    Eligibility: 1) the person who places the order must be a USAU member 2) your school must be listed as a USAU Youth team. This designation is fast and free to obtain. To sign up, contact USA Ultimate at 800.872.4384. 3) Orders through the Juniors Program must be shipped directly to your school, no residential shipments are allowed.

    Order here
    If you meet the eligibility requirements, please download and fill out the Juniors Program order form.

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    The Discraft 175 gram UltraStar
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    Ordering Information
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