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Custom SuperColor Design

Custom SuperColor Printing From Discraft

With Discraft's exclusive SuperColor stamping process, your custom discs can take on any look that your imagination can dream up.

Supercolor Sportdiscs from Discraft

SuperColor designs can include graphics, logos, photos... anything! Available on white Ultra-Stars and Mini-Stars. SuperColor designs are cool for clubs, tournaments, trophies, weddings, promotional giveaways and other special events. They look great, and fly even better. Order yours today.

· Sample design gallery

· SuperColor Art Design Specifications

· Price Guide

· Download quote request form: Excel Quote Form or PDF Quote Form

How Does Custom Ordering Work?

The steps for ordering:
  1. Review your printing options and decide which process is right for you: hot stamp, center print SuperColor or full print SuperColor.
  2. Request a custom order quote.
  3. We will respond within 3-4 business days with your quote. While you are waiting, please carefully read our art specifications to ensure your art will conform to our printing processes.
  4. Once you have your quote, send us your art for a compatibility review.
  5. We will finish processing your order once art is approved and payment is received.
Help With Art Creation:
If you have your design but need help converting it to conform to our art specs, the Discraft Art Department can assist for a low cost (hot stamps: $40/hr; SuperColor: $60/hr.

Piece Minimums:
  • Full Print SuperColor: 50
  • Center Print SuperColor: 100
  • One Color Hot Stamp: 50
    (white discs only)
  • One Color Hot Stamp: 100
    (non-white discs)
  • Two Color Hot Stamp: 100

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