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Team Discraft's Scott Papa

Scott Papa / Team Discraft NAME: Scott 'Papa Tart' Papa  
TEAM: Masters
PDGA #: 10099
2011 PDGA RATING: 978
BORN: 1962
day gig: Home Depot Inventory Manager
disc Cred:
  • Top 10 in Masters at Worlds 5 of the last 7 years
  • 1st, Masters div, 2007 Great Lakes Open NT
  • 7 first place finishes in 2006
  • Instructional Editor, Flying Disc Magazine
  • Instructional Editor, Discgolfer Magazine
  • Scott Papa's Dalaiwood course blindsided, forced by county to close for zoning violation:
    A statement from Jeanne and Scott Papa regarding the closure of Dalaiwood DGC is below. As they have and continue to give to DG, we encourage you to visit the HyzerFarm store online to show your support now that the Olalla course and pro shop are officially closing:

    To all of our friends in (and out of) the Disc Golf Community,

    We would like to thank all of you for your kind words and your expressions of concern on what appears to be an injustice done towards us and our course. However, one must step back and look at this from an outsider's view to get a true reading on what has happened. When we first built Dalaiwood it was to create a place for us to practice our sport (the closest course was almost an hour away) and also to give back to the sport by opening up our land to people and invite them to try the sport we love and let them see how much fun it was. However, we never once thought about checking out any zoning needs or code issues to assess whether or not this was even allowable in our area. We did not do this to flaunt the laws, but with a certain naivete' we certainly plowed straight ahead and did what we wanted. As we now have found out this week, this was an error on our part.

    While we may question why something that was done for the public is now being taken away, we do adhere to the laws as they protect not only us but the others that live in our area. The inspector was here to simply do his job and verify whether or not everything was in order, which it was not. He was then very understanding and gave us time to think about what path we wished to pursue for the future of the course. He gave us a very basic background of what was wrong and how to begin to correct it and it was quite obvious that this was not going to be within our realm. If nothing else, the fact that parking is not allowed on the side of the street made any other efforts moot as we have no other options for parking available.

    The thing that we can ask from all of you now is to not mourn the passing of our course, but to celebrate the 12 years of life that it had. We wanted to give back to the sport and the community and we did it in spades. There are now five other courses and thousands of players in Kitsap County and none of that would have been possible had it not been for Dalaiwood. Between those facts and all of the great events (Dalaiwood Open, Howliewood, Put Up or Shut Up and of course the undisputed all time champ of the world in The Discraft Ace Race) that have ever happened here, we feel that we can say without pause "Mission Accomplished". For those that are mourning the passing of the pro shop known as Hyzer Farm, know that you can access our full inventory here (www.stores.ebay.com/Hyzer-Farm) and we will happily send you whatever you need.

    We were not born as disc golfers; it was something that came into all of our lives at one point or another. Life is full of changes and this is just another one of those diversions. We are now the proud parents of three children with the fourth on the way (the new one is due pretty much on what would have been Ace Race Day.Crazy!) and our lives have taken the best direction shift ever. While we are saddened that the course did not come to its closure in the grandiose "Papa style" way that we had hoped, we knew this day would come. So don't worry about a fight or what needs to be done next. Instead, if you can, come out and throw a couple rounds with us in a farewell weekend. If you can't, just keep playing wherever you can and help grow the sport wherever possible!

    Jeanne and Scott Papa

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