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Z Line Wildcat™

The Wildcat™ is a super fast, low profile, Distance Driver that can deliver big 'D' with predictability. A popular driver choice for all skill levels.

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Available in: X Line, Z Line

"The Wildcat is a great all around driver because not only does it get maximum distance but it's also easy to control. I birdied my longest hole ever in competition with this disc at around 560 feet!"
-Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson
Terry Miller

The Z Wildcat is very critical to my game. If I had to play disc golf with just one driver, this would be it. I use the Wildcat to throw straight shots, long turnovers, or even slight hyzers if the hole calls for it. This is also my number one roller disc. I love that I can throw a sky anhyzer and roll it or I can put it on edge right away. The Z Wildcat is a great disc and I think everyone should try one.
-Terry Miller

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