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Z Line Glide™

Great for beginners and pros too, the Glide™ is easy to throw... and just keeps going! Grab a Glide™ when you need a little more controlled distance, or a long turnover driver.

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Available in: Z Line

Robert Leonard

"The Glide has so much glide (most appropriately named disc of all time!) and will do whatever I need it to. In the woods of North Carolina a disc that can be turned over at different times based on speed and angle can be the difference between winning and losing."
-Robert Leonard

"Probably my most trusted disc in sticky situations. Put hyzer on my Glide, it goes straight. Throw it straight and get a gentle anhyzer. Give it anhyzer and it won't ever come out. It's sensitive to speed of spin, but easy to get used to. Try a Glide, really!"
-Sarah DeMar

Sarah DeMar

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