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ESP Cyclone™

A legendary driver that players come back for again and again. In the mid-90s, the Cyclone™ ruled the tee, and ushered in the era of golf drivers made from high-tech engineered polymers. It's easy to control whether you're going straight, hyzer or anhyzer. A disc golf standard.

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Available in:
Pro D, X Line

Elaine King

"I use the Cyclone for short drives. It has a smallish rim which gives me a better grip and I can throw it very accurately. I often carry some beat-up Cyclones for turnover shots or to crash out of undesirable locations. "
-Elaine King

"This disc earned a place in my bag early in my career and has stayed there as a means to test all other discs I throw. I've known this disc for a very long time, and whenever I need to compare flights, I use the longtime standard: the Discraft Cyclone, the one that started the revolution."
-Peter Middlecamp

Peter Middlecamp
Sheila Kirkham

"I was at Aspen driving on the 1200 foot downhill 'Sound of Music' hole. The group below were on their 4th or 5th shot, so they waved me on and I released one of the best shots of my life with a pink 160 gram Cyclone. Seeing the line I started screaming fore at the group, and nearly aced. As I approached my lie about 30 minutes later, it was only a 40 ft lay up for a 3."
-Sheila Kirkham

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