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Find Titanium plastic at your disc golf retailer this week!

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Top Shelf:

The New Name in Premium Plastic is Titanium.

When you want the best, reach for new Titanium plastic from Discraft.

Ti is very durable. Ti is very grippable.
And Ti looks like nothing else you've ever seen in disc golf.

We start with an enhanced engineered base polymer for superior performance, then combine it with special additives to boost the appearance to a whole new level. These unique discs visually dance in the sunlight.

The final touch is a 3-dimensional World Champion signature stamp that adorns each model. Instead of being embedded into the disc, the stamp is actually slightly raised from the disc surface, providing an additional grip assist for those players who want a more tactile throwing experience.

Titanium plastic is truly in a class by itself. And it's headed your way. FIND IT IN STORES THIS WEEK!


Nate Doss 3X Ti Buzzz

In 2011, California's Nate Doss made disc golf history when he became only the second Open Pro player to win three World Championships. Discraft is proud to celebrate this monumental achievement with a monumental version of disc golf's most popular and dependable disc.

Nate Doss 3X Ti Buzzz
mid-range driver
Stability: 0.5
Suitable for all skill levels
colors will vary and lean toward dark
available weight range: 170-177 gms

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Available this week preferred retailers


Texas tornado:

Paige Pierce Ti Stalker

Paige Pierce of Texas burst into the disc golf spotlight when she became the Pro Rookie of the Year in 2010. A mere one year later and she had already earned her first World Championship title. The driver that got her there was Stalker, the utility driver that keeps players in the fairway.

Paige Pierce Ti Stalker
extra long range driver
Stability: 1.1
Suitable for all skill levels
colors will vary and lean toward dark
available weight range: 164-176 gms

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Available this week at preferred retailers

Stuff you can use:

Download Photos and Logos

We have provided a number of items for your use, including Ti logos, charts, and product images.

Click here to choose and download.


Coming soon:

Titanium Models On The Way

Nate Doss has three World Titles, which calls for three signature Titanium discs!

Look for Ti Force and NUKE soon.

There is still another recent World Champ on the Titanium radar: 2010 Champion Eric McCabe will also be endorsing a Ti disc. More info on the EMAC disc is coming soon.

Help Disc Golf Grow Apr 6th!

Discraft is proud to sponsor this ground-breaking event, and has ponied up nearly $2000 in shopping spree prizes for the TYDTWD photo contest! There are three ways to win, so bring a camera and some creative ideas!

If you get one person hooked on disc sports, you've just doubled your number. If we ALL try to do that together, we could double the ENTIRE POPULATION of disc sports in one day! Spread the word and let's all take a disc to work or school on Friday, April 6th!

Visit to meet the celebrity judges and learn more. We'll see you April 6th!


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