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Introducing the 1.0 first run NUKE SS maximum distance driver

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at long last:

Limited Edition ESP Comet

Halley's Comet comes around every 75 years. Fortunately, we don't need to wait that long for the return of this amazing celestial body.

Comet is a legend that first gained wide notoriety by helping Ron Russell win the 1999 World Championship. Players called it 'the disc that took down Climo."

Use your ESP Comet to throw for 300 feet on a frozen rope... it's super accurate! Arriving in stores May 9th, ask your retailer for the grippy and durable Limited Edition ESP Comet.

ESP Comet LE midrange
Stability: 0.0
Suitable for all skill levels
Weight range: 167-180 gms
In stores May 9th - ask your retailer

smokin success


This baby is HOT: First run NUKE SS sold out in less than two weeks! Whatever you can find from retailers now will be the final first run copies available.

NUKE SS gives developing players the means to get the distance of more advanced throwers without needing years of experience.

Collectors should save a cherry copy of the first run before they're gone in 10... 9... 8...

Z NUKE SS maximum distance driver
Stability: 1.0
Suitable for all skill levels
Weight range: 164-174 gms
At retailers now

huge hit:

EMac Signature Buzzz SS

If you haven't tried this disc, you're missing out! Imagine being able to pull a seasoned Buzzz out of your bag anytime you want. Every new Eric McCabe Signature Buzzz SS delivers the kind of dependable consistency you've come to expect from Discraft.

Rip one for an ace run and see for yourself.

Eric McCabe Signature Z Buzzz SS
Stability: 0.0
Suitable for all skill levels
Weight range: 170-178 gms
At retailers now

official threads

Discraft Performance Tees

The Discraft performance tees will wick away moisture and are tournament legal. 100% poly, short sleeves, field tested and good to go. Chest designs include basket, Nuke and Buzzz, all with Discraft logo on back. Ask for them wherever you buy golf discs.

Discraft performance tees
sizes: SM - XXL
Suitable for all disc golfers

Photos: Large | Medium

At retailers now

are you qualified?


June 10-12, Milford MI - The best are invited, only one lays claim to the title of United States National Champion. Who will be next?

It's your only chance this year to challenge yourself on the legendary Kensington Toboggan course, one of the top-rated in the world and used exclusively for this PDGA Major event. Don't miss the one tournament you'll never forget.

USADGC is proudly presented each year by Discraft.

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Stores want your business, so

Get What You Want

Can't find Discraft gear at your favorite sporting goods store? GET WHAT YOU WANT.

It's easy. Ask for the manager, and politely tell them you want Discraft golf and Ultimate discs. Leave your name and email, and ask them to let you know when they're available. Send a friend to do the same a couple of days later. It works!

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