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Discraft Releases J*StarT 145 Gram Youth Ultimate Disc

A Lighter, Tighter Ultimate Disc For Competitive Youth Play

Aug 30, 2007 - In conjunction with the Ultimate Players Association, Discraft is proud to announce the J*Star ('JAY-star') 145 gram youth Ultimate disc.

The J*Star is the official youth Ultimate disc of the UPA for ages 12 and under.

"As the exponential growth of Ultimate continues, the youth programs are following a similar growth curve," said Discraft Ultimate Manager Pad Timmons. "We worked closely with the UPA to develop a game disc that would be youth-friendly, yet provide an easy transition for players when they are ready to move up to the UltraStar."

At 145 grams and 9.5 inches in diameter, the J*Star is 30 grams lighter and 1.25 inches smaller than the world standard Ultimate disc, the UltraStar. As a result, it is easier for developing players to catch, throw and get better distance.

"The UPA has traditionally focused on high school players as the core of its youth market," according to UPA Director of Youth Development Meredith Tosta. "However, we are seeing a surge in middle school and elementary school Ultimate, and the feedback we were getting from Physical Education teachers was that the 175g discs were too large, particularly for elementary students. It's a very exciting development to hear younger and younger players clamoring for a disc their size."

But how does it fly?

"Killer!" said one enthusiastic tester at the recent youth demo match in Michigan. "This is going to be my new game disc."

The J*Star is currently available in white, with stock or custom hotstamp.

  J*Star 145 Youth Ultimate Disc from Discraft

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