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Ann Arbor Club Tests Ultra Grip Prototype at One Disc Challenge

April 26, 2006

Each spring, the Ann Arbor Michigan summer league kicks off with the Discraft One Disc Challenge, when players throw an entire round with only one disc: a new prototype fresh from the Discraft rotation labs. This year, the 200+ A3 league members were treated to an Elite-Z version of the Surge, which featured the new Ultra Grip rubberized surface area for unparalleled grip and release.

The Surge is already the hottest disc of the 2006 season, with retailers unable to keep shelves stocked. Now Discraft has released an Ultra Grip version, which is currently available only to clubs and tournaments.

The response from the Ann Arbor club at Hudson Mills was overwhelming, and many said this advance in disc technology could revolutionize the game. Stay tuned as Discraft redefines the axiom "grip it and rip it!"

  Ultra Grip A3 Disc Golf: the Discraft One Disc Challenge April 26, 2005
Ultra Grip

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