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Facebook is hiding you from us!

Buzzz 500 Facebook fans: FB is hiding you from us!

On October 10th, Facebook made some changes to their business pages. Among those changes: page administrators CAN NO LONGER VIEW A LIST OF INDIVIDUAL FANS. They are hiding you from us, which makes it very difficult to fairly reward everyone for participating in the Buzzz 500 Giveaway.

Are we defeated? Are we canceling our birthday party? Buzzz don't think so. Just tell us where to find you and we'll build our own list. Once we know your page address we can go there to see your Buzzz icon and the various pages you've liked.

We'll only use this info for the contest. Please tell us where you are only once, it covers all the pages you've liked and multiple submissions of this form won't help you win. Sorry for the hassle. Thanks and Buzzz on!

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